Best Foods and Drinks for Good Health

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Best Foods and Drinks for Good Health

It seems like we have to be more aware about our own health and to maintain good health, three major elements ruling our body to stay fit or unfit. These three major elements are Air which we breathe in (oxygen), water and food. They are everything for our physical health.

Everything depends on our daily routine as well as air, water and food that we intake in our body. As we all know what we take in return the exact energy comes out, so today here we will discuss what types of foods and drinks to take on a regular basis to stay fit and make our body healthy enough as below.

1. FISH:
Try to eat plenty of fish, which are high in omega three fatty acids oil. It also helps you to reduce your risk of cancer, stroke and heart disease. A smaller portion of red meat is healthy enough to make you fit and immune.

Broccoli is very rich in nutrients including glucosinolates, the same like other cruciferous vegetables. This is the key in detoxification processes. You can have broccoli as a raw food or quickly steamed for a couple of minutes. It is also a rich green vegetable to make you fit and healthy.

Every color of beet root is best for our body, no matter if it is yellow, orange, red or green. It contains a wonderful variety of protective carotenoids. Beet’s health benefits proved and as also our experts researched that their dietary nitrates can be converted to nitric oxide and also improve your endurance exercise level.

Almonds are very rich with vitamin E, which help us to protect against macular degeneration as well as cataracts. Experts suggest that almonds are eaten daily by humans of all ages.

Peanut butter is one of my favorite and usually daily breakfast things for me. Peanut butter has protein, sugars and carbs in it. It is one of the great recovery foods. It is also rich in omega-6. In addition, peanuts are a natural source of arginine and amino acids that help to prevent heart and vascular disease.

Green vegetables are naturally packed with lutein and zeaxanthin nutrients that can help to protect against macular degeneration. Kale is also a green leafy veggie that a lot of healthy people love to have as a salad, cooked or in liquid form with onion and garlic. It is also nutrient dense. It also helps to lower your cholesterol level.

Chocolate and chocolate milk usually everyone likes to have as a dietary or as a sweet or as a dessert. Our scientists proved that chocolate are always a health oriented food with a minimal quantity only. Chocolate milk is always the greatest recovery drink.

Many people perceive smoothies as a cool drink or best way to eat fruits outside of their solidness. You can enjoy both ways in smoothies such as a seamy hard fruit as well as hard liquid fruits in it. Actually, smoothies are indeed a great drink for those who love fruits with milk and it is obviously healthy enough anyways.

Consuming healthy foods and drinks regularly is as important as taking in fresh air as an oxygen source and this is why many dietitians and health professionals always suggest having as much food and drink as much as possible in your daily life to be healthy and fit forever.

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