Why do you need to hit the Pause Button in Life?

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Why do you need to hit the Pause Button in Life?

“You, yourself, as much as anybody else in the entire universe, deserve love and affections”.

Our MP3 players and television sets, have a pause button but what many of us don’t even realize that we also have a pause button too. At any time, in any given situation, we have the choice whether or not to hit the pause button in our lives!

For everybody, in this era of digital age, where human life is more like a rat race. Not a single person has the time to stop and think for a while. Everybody is running after money, fame and Success as those are the ultimate truth.  

Therefore, it takes a far longer time to understand the importance of hitting the pause button in life. Hitting the pause button in life is a way of giving oneself permission to step off the roller coaster ride of life. This also gives us the ability to step back and access a situation before making a decision on how to proceed.

Pressing the pause button is the first step in self-care and learning on how to embrace rest. Plus, one gives oneself the space to realign with values and vision. It enables to re-connect with our inner voice of knowing, calm and gratitude.

However, stepping back often allows us to step forward with greater awareness and purpose.  Our life has some momentum. The direction and intensity of motion will vary from person but we are people on the move.

Life is a never ending race.

As Donald Miller, so accurately points out, our life is a story. It is unfolding points out, our life is a story. It is unfolding with good, bad and ugly choices, we make and had made. We are a significant character in our life’s story, with many supporting cast members.

The simple fact is that – we need to live in a way that we are proud of all the storylines and we would welcome anyone to peek in while we are present or not. We need to live in a way that others would be inspired by what we have done and we have certain aspects of actions into their own life story.

The Final Word

To make long story short, unlike other books on Life and Perspective of Life, it is now faced with more of the questions and less of the answers. It’s up to the listeners, how they look at them. You don’t have to answer them to me or to anyone else. Just answer yourself and try to discover yourself, your passion and your burning desire just because you live in the present.

Past is gone and there is no end to the future. Live the present and cherish every moment.

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