Avoid Tobacco & Live Longer

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Avoid Tobacco & Live Longer

As our Experts’ research, cigarette contains cyanide and more than 600 different poisonous additives, so it damages human organs as well as our earth and whole natural greenery eco-system.

There are so many different people on earth who are addictive with different tobacco products including cigarettes and chewing tobacco and they are notorious with that. But few companies and authorities in this world are getting wealthy and happy to bring these poisonous products in the current market through their attractive marketing, and they are feeling proud of it. As one expert said the technology that turns tobacco into the cigarettes has not become anything dangerous in the world. Through smoking cigarettes, tobacco’s smoke is inserting directly in lungs through throat and both damages very badly towards death.

There is almost every tobacco companies are currently betting on making light, filtered and scented cigarettes. The fact is, the more light a cigarette has, the faster it damages the lungs and other precious organs in the body. In a real sense, cigarettes are a product of corruption in which both scientists as well as advertisers are to blame. Before the invention of the machine, a person could make 200 cigarettes in a day. Today, one machine can make more than 20,000 cigarettes in 1 minute time. It contains approximately 600 types of toxins such as cyanide, isotope, radioactive and ammonia as we discussed before.

The biggest culprit is the government allowing the sale of such lethal items. The government has turned cigarettes into an epidemic. Also, cigarettes contain radioactive substances. Every year approximately more than 8 million people die from smoking.

“About more than 150 millions tress are cut down each year for cigarette manufacturing”.

As researcher’s observations, there are more than 5 trillion cigarettes are being smoked every year. If it is arranged one on top of the other, the distance will be from the earth to the sun. However, cigarettes will grow so much that it can cut the distance to Mars.

“Cigarettes are being blown up to 15 km long every second”.

About 600 million trees are uprooted each year for cigarette manufacturing. That means one tree is destroyed for every 15 cigarettes.

So, after today’s research i am also got shocked from cigarettes’ dangerous impact on the human’s precious body organs towards death. Hope, smokers and tobacco addictive people, who are reading this news article can understand their life’s importance, their loved ones life’s importance and help each other to quite it and have a fabulous life and best future ahead without tobacco.

“Stop today if you addicted because it’s about your precious life”.

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