Story Time – The Powers of Thunder and Lightning

Thunder and Lightning Photo by Johannes Plenio from Pexels:
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Story Time – The Powers of Thunder and Lightning

Since time immemorial the holy trinity ruled the earth. The King of Gods Zeus, who had the powers of thunder and lightning controlled the working of other gods. His brother Poseidon was the god of oceans and all the creatures belonging to the sea were his subjects. While Zeus ruled over heaven and Posiden the sea the third brother what’s the king of the Dead and his name was Hades.

Zeus had the company of beautiful gods, immortal beings like humans who worshipped him and various others along with his wife it seemed that Hades was destined to be alone.

Years passed like that but all that was going to change.

Once in a field of flowers a beautiful maiden who was also the goddess of spring was sitting and weaving a basket of flower vines along with her helpers. The Goddess was called Kore and was the daughter of Demeter who controlled vegetation, the beautiful girl was so ethereal that her beauty and innocence won the hearts of many gods who came to propose to her yet were all rejected by her mother who was very protective of the little goddess.

Since childhood, Kore had never gone out and wandered away from her mother’s eyesight yet that day a masculine figure appeared behind the laughing girl. He was far away from her sight yet his aura was so dark yet inciting that the mirthful laughing stopped abruptly. She tried looking for the source from where she felt a rare connection but could not find it.

The shadow on the other hand was completely immersed in her presence that did not wished to scare her away, it was the god of Underworld, Hades. As a moth to the flame he was attracted to her. Those rosy cherry cheeks and the glittering irises symbolizing thousands of flowers made him suck a mouthful of breath and sigh before disappearing.

Many days passed as such and unknown to Hades, Kore came to realize that it was Hades but instead of running away the girl one day came to the flower field earlier while he was still not hidden.

Molten golden irises met the dark ones of the god and the girl asked him if he liked spending time with her making Hades surprised yet smiling at her innocent inquiry.

“I-I would um….I would love to be friends with you…would you like that too Hades?”

From that day onwards, from strangers to friends they developed a bond that made the King of Underworld a little softer and much more sensitive to what Kore was thinking, what she felt and how lonely she was immersed in a world that was cutoff from outside.

“Hades, you have such magnificent powers…… can bring justice to the dead ones while all I can do is to bring spring, sometimes it feels that I am not worthy to stand beside you.” Stumped by the words the little goddess uttered, Hades felt melancholy in his heart. His powers were a boon and sometimes they were a bane.

It was only after he had met her that Hades realized what happiness was thus watching her as such he felt sadness covering his entire being.

“Kore, would you like to see my realm? Would you like to see how opposite we are, your powers are sacred and you presence……..your presence is the most precious thing so I ask you if you want to see a world of darkness where I reside?”

Shy eyes met his dark ones making her flustered, pink blush bloomed onto her skin as she nodded.

“Take me with you then.”


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