Top 3 Brain Hack to Improve the Power of the Mind

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Top 3 Brain Hack to Improve the Power of the Mind

The brain, as it stands, coordinates the entire activity of the human mind. This part of the human body is responsible for every activity in which human beings engage; the level at which an individual develops his/her braindetermines the level of his/her creativity as well as intelligence.

At this point, it is pertinent to explain what is meant by a ‘brainhack’. ‘Hack’ itself denotes a form of manipulation in the original form of an entity, that is, a normal process is disrupted when there is a hack. This, then, informs the idea behind brainhack. The term describes a deliberate manipulation of the brain’s functions in order to achieve the desired outcome. In this context, the purpose of hacking the brain is to enhance the ability of the mind to think, reason, memorize and create beautiful ideas. All these amazing abilities of the mind are tagged ‘the power of the mind’.

This article is, therefore, aimed at discussing in detail 3 psychological brainhacks that would help boost memory and general creativity. They are provided below:

Side to Side Movement of the Eyes to Recall Observations:

So as to conveniently recall an event pretty well, all you need to do is move your eyes from right to left or vice versa for a period of 30 seconds. Of worthy note is the fact this trick affects the brainon a biological level, and once this activity is done, the tendency to memorize and recall what has just been read or observed is heightened. During the process of side to side movement of the eyes, some brain regions that work with cognitive skills in the left and right hemispheres of the brain are actively engaged.

This brings to mind the ‘corpus collusum,’ which plays a vital role in the connection of the left and right sides of the brain. This cross-examination from both sides of the brain triggers the ability of the brain to recall for a short period of time, although extensive research is recommended so as to comprehend how this trick works fully.

Recalling Random Details and Reminding Yourself to Remember:

This second trick has a direct effect on the brain’s mental elements alongside the memory system. It, thus, enhances the ability to recall random details by consciously attaching importance to those details. This importance would become the reason to recall the details whenever needed. The following recall is a mental noting of the information as successfully remembered and instinctively rescheduling a future remembering of the same information/details.

This stage, it is not just enough to attach importance to random details, it is equally important to consciously strive to remember the same details in the nearest future. This trick would help an individual to recall details when needed, memorize them, and aid easy retrieval when needed any other time. However, as rightly mentioned earlier, this can only be made possible when there is a conscious attachment of weight or importance to the piece of information that needs to be recalled. This is important because memories that lack importance in the mind of an individual tend to fade away easily.

Listening to Random Music to Enhance Creativity: 

When creativity is needed to be achieved in a task, it is necessary to zone out for a while. Zoning out is not the actual trick but the activity that is done during this break-in search of creativity. This is where random music comes in as it stimulates certain brain regions, which ordinarily do not relate to the challenge but could help in providing solutions to the challenge. Not only is it helpful to listen to music during zoning out, doing the same while working is equally helpful.

It helps in refocusing, redirection, and sharpening the mind to think of new perspectives through the regions of the brain that has been stimulated by random and diverse music. This trick is believed to affect the brainin its entirety so as to trigger creativity and solution to puzzles and challenges of any sort.

Further emphasize the relevance of music to creativity; the construal level theory suggests that the distraction of music triggers the processing of ideas, thereby permitting the brain to work in an abstract way.

From the 3 hacks provided in this article, it can be conveniently asserted that, no matter how irrelevant, there is no limit to the functionalities of the brain.

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