A Day Out – A Short Story

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A Day Out – A Short Story

Once upon a time, there lived a king. He had a very large kingdom. He lived there happily with his queen and prince. All the people in the kingdom lived happily too.

The king took good care of his people. No one was unhappy in the kingdom. The prince charming use to play in the big palace. He had never been out of the palace. He had not seen the world outside the palace. His world was limited only in the palace.

One day, he thought how boring it was to be in the palace. He wanted to see the world outside the palace. He wanted fly in the sky, run on the fields, go out in the garden, see the river as he had never been out of the palace. He had only heard about all of these.

So, started praying to the all mighty God to send someone to take him out to see the world outside the palace.

And to his surprise, a beautiful fairy appeared in front of him. God had answered his prayers. God had sent the fairy to show him the beautiful world outside. He was very happy to see the fairy. He immediately thanked God for answering his prayers and sending the fairy to him.

In no time, the fairy took the little prince charming with her.

She gently held his hand and off they went. First, she took him to a beautiful garden. And what did he see in the garden? He saw many flowers, Big and small, of different colours, some were red, some were pink, some were yellow too. He loved seeing all of them. All the flowers were smiling at the prince charming and he smiled back at them.

Then they went deep, deep inside the ocean. And what did they see in the ocean? They saw many fishes. Some big, some very big, some small, and some very, very tiny. All the fishes smiled at him and he smiled back at them.

Then they went to the huge forest. And what did they see there? They saw many, many animals there. They saw the king of the jungle, the saw the tallest animal, the huge elephant, small insects and birds too. They also saw rabbit, wolves, rhino, hippo, tiger, peacock and many more.  He enjoyed seeing the monkeys hopping from one tree to another.

He saw many insects and birds too. He saw colorful butterflies on the tress. He saw many birds in their nest. He saw sparrows, crows, pigeon, parrots and eagles too.  He loved to hear the chirping sound of the birds. He loved to see the ducks swim in the river. All the animals and birds smiled at him and he smiled back at them too.

Then they went to big big farm. What did they see at the farm? They saw many farm animals like cow, buffaloes. They also many horses running very fast. They saw green farms with all vegetables and fruits. They saw brinjals, potatoes, pumpkin, onions and many fruit plants like mango, apple cherries, banana, oranges, strawberries and big watermelons too. All the plants smiled at him and he smiled back at them.

God was watching him, see all the beautiful things in the world.

And soon it was time for the sun to set and time for the prince charming to return to the palace.

Then flew up up in the sky. And what did they see in the sky? They saw big round bright moon shinning in the sky. The moon smiled at him and he smiled back. He saw bright shining stars, some big some small. All the stars were smiling at him and he smiled back.

Suddenly he heard his mother calling out for him. He looked around and saw that he was sleeping in his palace. He understood that he had seen a beautiful dream. But to his surprise, the queen asked him to get ready as she was going to take him out for a day to see the beautiful world outside!!!!

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