Colours to the flowers

Colorful Flowers Photo by Anthony from Pexels
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Colours to the flowers

Once upon a time there was a very big forest. In that forest lived many animals and birds.

The forest had many trees too. It had a beautiful river by. The trees had many flowers and fruits on it. All the animals and birds lived happily in the forest.

They all the fruits and vegetables to eat. They had fresh water to drink.

But only one thing was missing in the forest. It was colour!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No one had colors in them.  All the flowers in the forest were black and white.  There were many flowers in the forest. Some big, some small, some in a bunch some bushy, all were beautiful, but they all had no colour.

How beautiful they would look with different colours in them.

This one thing was missing in the forest.

All the animals would love to see the flowers with different colours. But they had none.

They all decided to do something about this. Soon they called out for a meeting by the side of the river next morning. As decide all the animals gathered together by the side of the river. They were waiting for the king to start the meeting. Soon the king came in and started the meeting. All the animals were worried about it. All came up many ideas to find a solution to this. but none of them found it.

Now, the king too was worried about it. He too thought deeply about how to bring colours to flowers but could not think of any good idea for it.

He thought of all the possibilities he could to bring colours to the flowers but could not get one.

Sadly, he too sat down near the river. Suddenly, it started raining very heavily. It rained very heavily for some time.  After it had stopped raining, all the animals saw a very huge, beautiful, coulourful rainbow in the sky. It was so nice to see a beautiful and colourful rainbow. A small little beautiful butterfly slowly came out of the rainbow. It was a beautiful and colourful butterfly. It had so many colour in it. It had bright red, beautiful pink, some nice yellow in it. It also had some golden threads in it. The neck of the butterfly was beautiful silver in colour on it.

The wings were big and had small round circles of brown colour.  It also a purple colour at the end of the wings. At the center there was a bright blue colour. The body was fresh green.  Seeing the beautiful colourful butterfly all the animals were amazed. Soon the butterfly reached the forest. All the animals and birds were very happy to see the colourful butterfly.

It was the most colourful butterfly. It had all the colors in it.  It was a God gifted butterfly. God had sent it to help the animals in the forest. All the animals knew that God had sent this unique butterfly for their help.

All the animals and birds together thanked God for its beautiful and colourful help. They smiled at the beautiful gift from God. The butterfly too smiled at them and soon started flying around in the forest. It sat on the black and white flowers. In no time, all the animals could see that the black and white flowers were now getting beautiful colours on them. Some flowers turned red while some turned pink, while some turned bright yellow. Some turned purple, while some turned light blue, and some turned violet too. And too the surprise, some flowers turned shady too. They got a blend of two or more colors in them. They had yellow, pink and red on them. All the flowers had bright beautiful on them. All the animals and bird were very happy now.  Now, the whole forest looked so colourful and beautiful.

All the animals and birds once again thanked God for this wonderful gift.

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