5 hacks for a peaceful day at work from home

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5 hacks for a peaceful day at work from home

The coronavirus pandemic has made WFH or work from home a new normal way of running our professional lives. People would have gotten used to this new mode of working now since the pandemic wrecked the world two years ago. But there are always ways to make this new style of working less stressful, and more efficient. Try these hacks that are so simple that you could use them irrespective of whether you are on WFH or WFA (work from anywhere) mode.

Make a to-do list before you start work

If you start your day without planning, you would end up being frustrated, especially when distractions are aplenty in the house. What you could do is make a to-do list where you prioritize the work depending on easy, moderate to difficult tasks. If you start work with easy tasks, you’ll feel more confident about taking up difficult tasks. Or, you could also finish the difficult tasks first when you are fresh in the morning.

Prioritize work depending on time suitability

You could prioritize work depending on the availability of your time when you think you are highly efficient and productive. Some working professionals might find it tough to work from home during the day as there would be distractions in terms of TV, kids, and visitors. If your company policy allows it, you could do some part of your work during the night when you are alone and have a me-time without any distractions. This will help you work more efficiently, and meet your deadlines on time.

Save for the rainy day

Not every day you will be at your best. Not every day you will have uninterrupted internet. Not every day you will have a constant power supply. Not every day you will be in the best mood to work and give your best. In such situations, always strive to finish extra work on your best days so that when you have an off day, you could produce them and meet up your targets and deadlines. When you have a backup, you won’t get perturbed on a difficult day as you’ll have something to rely on and meet your deadlines.

Treat it as an office setup

Just like how in an office you would take breaks for smoke or tea, treat WFH similarly. Also, take lunch breaks on time just like in the office. Go out for a walk in the evening just like how you would do in the office. Log off on time just like how you would do in the office. You could also enable the ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature when you are having a meal or nap. Once you are disciplined with your work, you’ll find working from home hassle-free.

Do not carry your laptop to bed

Maintain a good posture when you are working from home. Get a table and chair to work on it rather than choosing to work on the bed. When you choose to work from your bed, it makes you feel a little careless about your work, and would not be able to give your best. Hence, always try to create an office-like environment when working from home. You could request family members to avoid barging in when you are on a work call. Ask them to wait until you finish your work before you could socialize, albeit at home. You could also set aside time schedules for a workout, lunch, breakfast, classes, and entertainment such as watching movies and playing card games with family. When you set aside time for each activity, WFH becomes a joyride.

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