A Stitch in time saves nine

Kids with Books Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels
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A Stitch in time saves nine

There was a little boy named Rahul.  He loved to play all the day long. He used to play with his friends every day. He had an elder sister named Meena. She was very hardworking. She used to complete all her studies after coming from school first and then go out to play with her friends. She never left her studies incomplete. She always completed all the studies in time. Her homework was always complete. All the teachers vey happy with her. All her books were very neat and tidy.

Rohan never cared for his books. He never completed his homework.  His books were never neat and tidy. His teachers always explained him and motivated him to complete his studies in time.

Father and mother too, explained him the importance of time. They told him, to complete his studies and then go out to play. He promised to do so.

His parents asked him to complete his books and start studying as their exams were approaching.

Both the children went to their study rooms. Meena started studying. She completed her studies and then went out to play. All her books were complete, so she did not have much work to do. But Rohan’s all the books were incomplete. He had to study everything from the start. He had wasted all the time playing. He had not utilized the time which he had earlier. He kept playing all the time. And now he had to complete all the books and start studying too.

Seeing his sister go out to play with her friends, he realized that he should have studied from the very beginning. He was tired completing the books. He was awake late night to complete his books, but still could not complete all the books. He got late for next morning. He was not fresh in the morning, as he could not sleep properly. He was very tired. After returning from school, he was very tired, but he had many books to complete and study for the exams.

He tried very hard but could not study completely for his exams. He was not able to learn everything on one day for the exam. He now realized that he had all the burden on him for the last moment, which was not correct.

After the exams were done, it was now time for the progress report. She sister had a very good progress report. Parents and teachers both very happy with her. But Rohan’s progress report was not very good.

His parents and teachers both asked him to improve in the next examination.

He too realized his mistake and promised them that he will no longer waste his time from now onwards.

As promised, Rohan started completing his books, studying in time, completing his homework in time.

He properly planned his timetable for his studies and play.

Now he had time for both play and study. He had no books incomplete. All his books were neat and tidy. He did not have be awake late night to complete his work. He had a proper sleep too.

Soon in the next exams, he had performed all well.  His teacher and parents had been observing him all these days. They were happy seeing him perform in a good way.

And now, it was time again for the progress report time. But this time Rohan was very excited for the meet.

All his teachers very proud of him and praised him for his hard work. His parents too very happy with him.

His parents too very proud of him.

Rohan too was very happy and promised his parents and teachers to compete all his work in time.

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