Rohan learns his lesson

Indian Kid Photo by Nandhu Kumar from Pexels
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Rohan learns his lesson

It was a Sunday morning. Rohan had decided to enjoy his holiday. His exams too very over. He had invited his friend Rahul to come to his house to play and have lunch. Mothers of both children had allowed them to play. Rohan’s mother was going to make a yummy lunch for the boys.

After finishing the breakfast, Rohan called Rahul to confirm the time he would be coming to his house. Rohan would be coming in sometime to his house.

Till the time Rahul would come, Rohan thought of playing with some of his toys. He asked mother for the permission.

Mother did allow him, to play with toys, but asked him to keep the toys away in the toy basket after he had finished playing with the toys.

Rohan started playing with the toys one by one.

He had many small and big cars, many soft toys, many balls both big and small. He also had some blocks and some puzzles too.

Slowly, he started playing with all of them one by one. Soon the whole room was full of toys. There were toys all over the room. There was no place to walk on the floor. There were many small cars lying on the floor, which was very dangerous as some one could slip over it.

After playing with toys, for some time, he suddenly heard the voice of his favorite cartoon show from the other house. So, he quickly got up to watch his favourite show, but he somehow forgot what mother had asked him to do.

He forgot to keep the toys away in the toy basket.

He quickly ran to the TV room to watch his favourite show as he did not want to miss the show.

He started watching the show, in the mean while the doorbell rang. It was Rahul at the door. Seeing Rahul, Rohan was very happy. He quickly switched off the TV and invited him to the house. Rohan’s mother too welcomed him home.

Soon the boys ran to play with the toys.  As Rahul had forgotten to keep the toys away in the toy basket, all the toys were spread were spread on the floor. As toys were spread all over the room on the floor,

Rahul accidentally slipped over a small car lying on the floor and fell.

Seeing this Rohan felt very very bad and realized his mistake. He now understood as why his mother had asked him to keep the toys away after playing.

He felt very sorry for what had happened. He apologized to Rahul for it.

He promised him and his mother too that he would keep his away in the basket, after he has finished playing.

Rahul smiled at Rohan and hugged him. Quickly both the friends started playing with the toys.

After playing with the toys for some time, they both were hungry. Mother too had finished preparing yummy lunch for the boys.

Soon mother called the boys for lunch, but this time both the boys made a point to keep all the toys away in the basket. They cleaned the complete room. This time both the boys were very careful with the toys. They rechecked with all the toys are in place before they leave the room.

All the toys were in the place. Then they went out of the room, washed their hands and went at the dinning the table to have the yummy lunch.

Both the boys enjoyed the delicious lunch and had lots of fun.  Both the boys did not forget to thank mother for the yummy, delicious lunch. Rohan also remembered his promise, he had made to his mother and friend.

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