Homemade Treats For Celebrating Your Valentine’s Day Or Anniversary – Make Your Day More Special

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Homemade Treats For Celebrating Your Valentine’s Day Or Anniversary – Make Your Day More Special

Valentine’s Day/Anniversary Day Special Desserts

Finally, your day of love has come! And, when it comes to the celebration of this lovely day, you must have surely planned something special, like decorating balloons & greetings cards everywhere or going to a distinguished restaurant for dinner.

But, what if this time you celebrate your special day in a different way? How is the plan of surprising your lover or husband with some special desserts made by you for him? Not bad, right!

But, which desserts will invigorate the taste bud of your lover & make him feel so special on this day? Come, let us confide you with some easy-to-make dessert recipes whose tastes are just awesome:

1. Red Velvet Small Truffle Balls:

Is your lover also a lover of red velvet flavor? Then, don’t feel jealous! Instead, be proud of your baking skill & prepare these balls. Your lover will even love you more than before. How to make it? Get some boxed red velvet fritters like that of Betty Crocker & keep following the baking directions written on their backside. Now, bring your pattie out of your oven. Mix it with the help of a fork. Also, mix some softened cream cheese into it.

After you are done with these things, start rolling the cake & turn it into small-sized balls. Now place the balls over a cookie sheet & dip each of them into molten chocolate. Congrats! Your Red Velvet Small Truffle Balls are ready. Just decorate them by spreading some decorative sprinkles on their top & put them in your refrigerator. After the balls become firm, serve them on your partner’s plate & see the magic!

2. Chocolate-Wrapped Strawberries:

Want to add a staple dessert to your valentine’s day dinner? Then, first ensure your lover likes both chocolate & strawberry flavors & if yes, then definitely go on making this super delicious dessert. This dessert will be a delightful treat for your partner on this special day of yours. Also, this homemade dessert will cost less than the same prepared in a restaurant. Just buy milk or dark chocolate (as you like) & also a bar of white chocolate & melt them in separate bowls.

Now, bring some strawberries & dip them into the bowl containing the milk chocolate. Place the dipped strawberries in another bowl or plate & put the bowl/plate in your refrigerator. After some time, take out the hardened choco-dipped strawberries & make some zig-zag designs on them with the molten white chocolate with the help of a spoon. Yummy! Your dish is ready!

3. Heart-Shaped Rice Krispie Treat:

Curious about this super easy recipe for your extraordinary day? Well! Take marshmallows & butter & melt them together within a saucepan. Now, hurl some Rice Krispies into it. Next? So easy! Flatten the mixture & convert it into a Pyrex cuisine.

Employ a cookie-cutter & using it, punch out hearts out of the mixture. Almost done! Now, just dip the hearts into some icing & spread sprinkles over them. Wow! The imagination of this dessert in my mind is already creating a deep desire for it in my heart! What about you?

Our Final Words:

Aren’t the recipes that we have discussed so long mouthwatering? Yes, of course, we are sure about that! So, just proceed on making the desserts for the person who is special in your life & also be special for him as well! Sweeten your mouths with these luscious desserts & make your relationship sweeter & strong. Best of luck!

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