Should Plastic be banned

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Should Plastic be banned

Plastic bags are a major source of pollution in the environment. Plastic, as a substance, is non-biodegradable, and thus plastic bags pollute the environment for hundreds of years. Plastic bag bans have become critical before they completely devastate our planet. Many countries around the world have either banned or taxed plastic bags. However, the problem has not been completely solved because the implementation of these measures has been less than successful.

Problems Caused by Plastic Bags

Here are some of the critical issues that plastic bags can cause:


Plastic bags do not break down easily. As a result, disposing of plastics is the most difficult challenge.

Deterioration of Environment

They are destroying the environment as a result of their negative impact. Today, plastic bags are the leading cause of land pollution. Plastic bags that end up in bodies of water are a major source of pollution. As a result, we can draw the conclusion that these are harming our surroundings in every way possible.

Harmful for Animals and Marine Creatures

Unknowingly, animals and sea creatures consume plastic particles in their food. According to research, waste plastic bags are a major cause of sudden and unexpected animal deaths.

Cause of Illness in Humans

Toxic chemicals are released during the production of plastic bags. These are the most common causes of severe illness. The polluted environment is an important contributor to the spread of various diseases in humans.

Clogged Sewage

Waste plastic bags are the most common cause of drain and sewer blockages, especially during heavy rains. This can cause a flood-like situation and disrupt people’s normal lives.

Reasons to Ban Plastic Bags

There are numerous reasons why governments in various countries have enacted stringent measures to reduce the use of plastic bags. Among them are the following:

  1. Plastic bag waste is severely polluting the land and water.
  2. Plastic bags have become a threat to the lives of animals on land and in water.
  3. Chemicals emitted by discarded plastic bags enter the soil and render it infertile.
  4. Human health is being harmed by the use of plastic bags.
  5. Plastic bags contribute to the drainage issue.

Public Support for Plastic Bag Ban

Despite the fact that the Indian government has banned the use of plastic bags in many states, people, however, continue to carry these bags. Shopkeepers only stop providing plastic bags for a few days at the start.

It is time for all of us to pitch in to make this ban a success. As a result, we, the educated members of society, must accept responsibility for ceasing the use of plastic bags. We can help the government in this campaign by doing so.

Individuals can make the following contributions:

Keep a Tab

To be successful in this quest, we must constantly remind ourselves of the negative effects of plastic bags on our environment and limit their use. We will gradually become accustomed to going without these bags.

Seek Alternatives

There are many environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic bags, such as reusable jute or cloth bags.


Before throwing away the plastic bags we already have at home, we must keep recycling them as many times as possible.

Spread Awareness

While the government raises awareness about the dangers of plastic bags, we can also raise awareness through word of mouth.

The Final Word

Despite the fact that plastic is becoming a major threat to all of us, this issue is frequently overlooked and underestimated. This is because people do not consider the long-term consequences of the small, easy-to-carry bags they use in their daily lives. Aside from that, people continue to use bags because they are convenient. However, in order to save our environment and the earth, everyone must stop using plastic bags entirely.

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