5 resolutions that you must have ahead of New Year

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5 resolutions that you must have ahead of New Year

2022 is fast approaching, and so is the quest to find new creative resolutions. Although resolutions might not last the distance but opt for a resolution or two that would help you turn into a better person. With the Covid-19 pandemic running into another year, it’s more important now to adopt a few practical resolutions and try your best to keep them. So, here are a few resolutions that you must have ahead of the New Year.

Take the resolution to take care of your mental health

The effects of the pandemic can be seen across all age groups. The months of being restricted in the house can have a devastating effect on mental health. Although the signs may not be visible, mental health is a serious issue and must be dealt with care. Make time to work on your mental health. You might opt for counseling if needed. If you need a break from work, talk to your manager, and explain to him/her your situation. Now, every corporate is prioritizing mental health, and giving its employee the space to adjust to the new normal and maintain their sanity.

Take the resolution to spend time with your loved ones

Life is extremely unpredictable now, and the time spent with your loved ones is extremely valuable. Hence, realize the importance of spending quality time with your family. Set aside 30 mins to 1 hour to spend time exclusively with your spouse, kids, parents, or friends where you share details on each other’s lives. If possible, go on a trip with your family or loved ones or do things that you enjoy doing together. It could be as simple as enjoying a Sunday lunch with the whole family.

Take the resolution to have a work-life balance

With work merging with personal life thanks to the pandemic, resolve to have a better work-life balance. Start with setting fixed times for work, family, and yourself. Then prioritize them in order of urgency, while ensuring there are no mix-ups. For example, if you have set an hour post-work to spend time with your family, ensure you don’t receive or attend to work emails or calls at that time. Inform your colleagues as well so that the boundary is set between work and personal life. Likewise, keep time aside for your hobbies or things that you love to do. This will help you not only have a good work-life balance but also improve your relationships with your family and friends.

Take the resolution to help less fortunate people

The pandemic has taught us to be kind to others as everyone is fighting their own battles. Hence, it is important to help people who have been affected by the pandemic. It could be volunteering your time, both online or offline, for various causes or helping someone or a group of people affected by the pandemic to face the battles ahead.

Take the resolution to live in the present

Do not fall into the trap of looking into the past and regretting your decisions or living in the future and fearing the unknown. Why not make the present count, and enjoy it to its fullest? Once you do that, you can keep all stress, anxiety, and worries at bay, and enjoy a happy life. A trick to do that is to enjoy what you do and do what you enjoy.

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