Temple Vs Mosque

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Temple Vs Mosque

In India, ‘Mosque’ is a private property, yet clerics are paid salary by government.

While ‘Hindu Temples’ are considered government property, and yet priest are not paid salary by government.

Why this injustice done for ages by government?

Why this government is not giving justice to Hindu priests?

Why this discrimination by government?

Experience of a Reader:

I once visited Sheetla Mata Mandir in Gurgaon & that i thought was my last visit to any temple.

I hated how they asked for money at each step. The moment you enter the temple, a priest would put a tilak on your forehead (without your consent) and ask for 10 rupees, then somebody will hit a peacock feather on your forehead & ask for another 10 rupees. Then another tilak with ashes & another 10 rupees.

My mother used to spend that money happily because of superstition but I used to feel disgusted. Such things took me away from temples & belief in God.

Then I grew up, started following politics and then i saw a news article that moved me.
As per the announcement by the AAP chief, the salaries of imams will be increased from Rs 10,000 per month to Rs 18,000 per month. Whereas the salary of the helpers would be increased from Rs 9,000 per month to Rs 16,000 per month. The decision will be applicable on 185 mosques in the national capital that come under the Delhi Waqf Board.

I realised that the Maulvis, Maulanas & other staff who live in Musjids were given a monthly salary.
The fathers & other staff who live in Church were also given a monthly salary while priests in most temples weren’t given any salary. They were depending on the money that the visitors gave them. I was shocked.
A myth, which had moved me away from temples was burst. Priests were not doing anything wrong. They were not culprits but they were the victims. Those who used to take care of the places of worship, those who used to wash the idols of our gods were made to look like beggers.

The next question which came to my mind was, why? What was the reason of this descrimination?
I digged further & the answer was political. The ruling party never wanted to promote Hindu religion. They wanted to promote the other religions. That also gave me an answer to the question “why was Ram Mandir never built in those 70 years”. They did not want it to be built. That was also the reason why Taj Mahal was glorified as the symbol of love wherein Mumtaz was practically killed by Shahjahan as she produced 14th child & the efforts of Dashrat Manjhi did not have any mention in our history books. The fellow who cut a mountain to make a road by his hard work of 22 years.

Now there is a party in centre who wants to promote Hindu religion and we Hindus are not supporting them. That is why people like Kejriwal prefer to increase salaries of Maulvis but don’t look at this need for temples. We Hindus do not vote based on religion.

As per a PIL filed in court by a priest:
At the time of filing the petition, Narasimha Gopalan was getting a monthly salary of Rs. 750, which is a three-fold increase from the Rs. 250 that he was getting for almost a decade. There are six other full-time service personnel at the temple, each of whom gets a three-figure salary.

Shocking is the fact that a priest at the nearby Vilvanathar temple in Pathamadai is paid a salary of Rs. 19 per month while at the historical and ancient Kailasanathar temple in Brahmadesam, the priest is paid a salary of Rs. 215.
Condition of priests in our temples is poor, really poor. Who has made them look like beggers?

Now, I visit the temple with great pride. I donate as much as I can. I consider this as a contribution to thank those who take care of our legacy, who have devoted their lives for our gods.

Next time you visit a temple & hate Pandit Ji asking for money, you know he is a victim & not the culprit. He is victim of cheap politics.

I request the Government to ensure that there is a salary given to priests working in temples & that salary has to be good enough so that they do not have to be dependent on the money that visitors give them.

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