Follow these Lunch Rules and Live Healthier

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   Follow these Lunch Rules and Live Healthier

Some of the rules must follow for lunch & dinner you take every day. It’s also called as “Bhojan Mantra” in Hindu culture & religion. The food mantra emphasizes the development of both physical and mental straight.

Food magic (Mantra)

To eat food, sit in Sukhasana and join both hands and think Bala mantra…. Before taking food thinking in mind that….

For what is this body

to nurture,

oh god a prayer

always in your feet.

May your body and heart become attached,

in the service of world religion.

Our wrong habits of lunch & dinner may be an invitation to multiple disease in our life. Nothing is wealthier, than your healthy health. Therefore, follow these eating rules to avoid any disorder in your regular lifestyle.

 1. Take food only when you feel hungry, never eat more food than hunger.

2. Run the first morsel well while eating, after chewing it properly, put the second morsel in the mouth.

3. As simple as possible, eat it. Do not take different types of vegetables in food and eat it in simple way.

4. Concentrate while eating food should be eaten slowly.

5. Do not eat during night time. If, you have to, do it before sunset. Do it in small amounts.

6. Walking after dinner is absolute necessary to the food digestion well.

7. There should be a difference at least five to six hours between meals.

8. However, one should not eat more than two times & there should be a difference of 8 hours between meals. Even if, you do it thrice, there should be a difference of 5 to 6 hours in each meal.

9. Never eat food in a hurry. Do not eat food in worry and mourning. Always have a happy mind and should eat peacefully.

10. You should not talk at all while eating food. Because by doing this the food is not chewed properly.

11. Chilli masala should not be used in food & if it is to be done under compulsion then do very little.

12. Your food should not be eaten until the previous meal is digested properly.

13. One should not talk about problems related to business society etc. while eating food. All attention should be on food only.

14. Do not take any food in case of stomach acidity gas acidity. But, half cooked food such as fruit salad etc. should be taken.

15. Always eat fresh food. Never eat stale food.

16. Never drink water while meals. If, you want to drink water, drink 30 minutes before a meal or 1 hour after a meal.

17. Avoid Maida, White Sugar, & Salt. Eat these three white poisons as few as. And if, possible, leave it at all. Use bran flour instead of maida. Use sugar made from jaggery instead of white sugar and rock salt instead of salt.

18. Eat satvik food, use salt, spices, ghee, sweets etc. very little in the food.

19. Tea coffee is also similar to intoxication. This is called slow intoxication. Once you are addicted to tea and coffee, it is very difficult to quit you, as it is very difficult to give up alcohol. Tea & coffee is harmful to our body in every way.

20. Must fast for at least one day a week. So that, the body/stomach functionality has to relaxed. The functioning also has time to get the toxins out.

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