5 Tips On How To Make Baby Eat Food Faster And With His Own Hands

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5 Tips On How To Make Baby Eat Food Faster And With His Own Hands

Are you tired of running after your baby day and night for the sake of feeding him? Does your baby refuses to eat all types of food, no matter whatever favourite dish you made for him? Then time has come to teach your child self-feeding. There are two reasons for it. First, self-feeding in itself is a good habit that is good to be developed in your child. And, secondly, your child will enjoy the fact that he is able to self-feed now and he will eat the food items with more interest than before.

So, if your child can sit straight, grasp a spoon in his hand, and is able to bring it towards his mouth playfully, then just be prepared to teach your child to feed on his own. Now, the question is, is it really possible to change one of your child’s habit overnight? Not really! Of course it will take some time but, yes! if you follow some of our tips regarding it, then you will notice that your baby will learn to eat foods with his own hand very quickly. So, lets proceed with our tips on how to make baby eat food faster and on his own:

1. Don’t interfere your child while he try to eat:

It is true that it will not be very easy for your baby for the first time to pick up some pieces of the food from his plate with the help of a spoon and put it in his mouth. You will see that he is trying to mess with the food or he is spilling the food all over the table from the plate. But, as a mother, you have to deal the situation with patience. You must remember that “practice maketh a man perfect” and keep yourself cool. You must encourage your baby to continue with his feeding in the right way. Any act of anger or resentment from your side may further discourage your baby from eating and he may also abstain himself from self-feeding in the future.

2. Make your baby sit beside you when you eat :

Babies are good imitators and they love to imitate what his elders used to do. So, turn this character of babies to your advantage and involve them in your family lunchs or dinners. When they will observe you and the other elder members of the family to eat quietly over the table, they will learn the procedure of eating and will try it for himself at his self-feeding time. In this way they will learn how to eat.

3. Support the pride of your baby that he can feed on his own:

We all know that there is a great power in praising someone. If someone praises us for a thing, out of joy, we try to make that thing more perfect in order to get more praise from that person. And, this is also the case with babies. When babies try to do self-feeding for the first time, they feel proud of their ability that they can feed on their own. What you have to do is, enhance their pride with a little appreciation and applause. And, you will see the magic. They will gladly empty their bowl of food within minutes, for getting more praise and appreciation from you.

4. Serve your baby food in attractive looking plate and glass:

Babies love colour, designs and cartoons. So, whenever you give food to your baby for self-feeding, serve that food in attractive cartoon shaped or funny image crafted plates and glasses. Your baby will take much interest in eating his foods in these types of dishes than he used to take in normal dishes. And the foods will vanish within a few minutes.

5. Cut the fruits or vegetables artfully with knife before serving them to your baby:

Babies are innocent and does not understand much like us. They choose to eat those foods that are visually appealing for them. So, why offer plain non-appealing foods to them that they plainly reject just after one glance? The trick is to give them all the nutritious foods but with a twist by changing their presentation style. The fruits or vegetables can be artfully converted into flowers, animals or other designs that babies like the most by designing them with a knife. The designs of the food items will fascinate your child to eat them and they will proceed to grab it for eating. In this way, they will learn self-feeding.


So, now that we have shared these 5 tips on how to make baby eat food faster and on his own with you, try to make use of them and train your child with self-feeding. We wish you best of luck for your initiative. Thank you!

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