Handwriting vs Typing: Benefits of Writing By Hand

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Handwriting vs Typing: Benefits of Writing By Hand

Many of us stopped handwrite after completing the school. Nowadays, smartphones and computers are mostly preferred tools for writing. If we come to the writers also, they satisfied with this, but still, novelists are in the need of handwrite while following the creative process at some points of the novel.

If you are going to start a novel, it’s important to know that you should write by typing or handwrite. In this post, we will discuss both sides. So, let’s start.

Benefits of writing by hand

There are a lot of benefits of writing by hand, especially for the new writers those are writing on a new project because it’s helpful to write down the thoughts with pen and paper and, to establish a tactile relation with the story and idea. Following are some benefits of writing by hand:

  1. Helpful for visual learners- If you are going to write long notes, it allows you to get graphic freedom to draw infographics, word web and many other or to write down thought on it.
  2. Helpful for memory recall- Expecting, handwriting is a time-consuming method to write also, there are a lot of benefits of writing with hand such as, it allows for short term and long-term memory recall because handwriting includes only your own words and handwriting. It also allows your brain to get active in this process of working on particular information and thinking.
  3. Handwriting allows you to avoid distraction- nowadays, smartphones, laptops, and tablets this all are sources of the distraction. If you are a writer, it’s important to focus and, you want to shut down the distraction while writing. Writing by hand can allows you to avoid distraction while writing instead of that keyboard writing.
  4. Writing by hand can be artful- A lot of people write by hand because they are skilled at calligraphy and cursive, or they like to write with pen and paper. While writing notes also, you can practice improving such a skill.

Benefits of typing

Professional writers need to write with the keyboard while following some writing processes. In such a case, laptop is beneficial because it seems faster to write comparing to the other. Following are some benefits of typing.

  1. Typing is faster – laptop is beneficial when you want to work under a short deadline, or you want to work on a complex task. Computer is helpful while transcribing something from word to word and it’s much easier to follow editing process in it. Self-editing is also cleaner and faster in the word processor.
  2. Typing avoids hand cramps – Many people found that writing with hand is a physically demanding technique. Hand cramps can slow down the speed of writing and it’s a common issue among the writers those are writing with pen and paper.
  3. It is good for research- If it is your first attempt to follow a writing process or you are going to write your first novel, research will take fair amount of time. In this condition, computer can help you to do faster research because you will get research window, which can easily move to your document where you will type notes.
  4. It allows you to get easy backup – If you handle rightly, computer can give you a secure space where you can store the data of your work easily. If we come to the word processor, it provides an easy way to save and backup your data.
  5. It is better for work that requires formatting – If you are writing on a assignment which has an particular layout and margin or word count, computer helps to keep track of such things.

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