Some Strange Jagannath Temple Mysteries That Challenges Science

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Some Strange Jagannath Temple Mysteries That Challenges Science

Ever visited Puri? Then you must certainly have visited the well-known Jagannath Temple situated there. Indeed, it is very rare that someone has visited Puri but not attended Lord Jagannath’s Dham. Puri’s shrine of Lord Jagannath is very popular among the disciples. In fact, there are many popular beliefs related to it.

For instance, most People in Puri think that the Pandavas were advised by the Saptrishis to attend this Dham for gaining their “Moksha”.From that time till now people think that Lord Jagannath personally arrives before his devotees for a certain period every year.

However other than these beliefs, do you know that many striking mysteries are also there which are connected to this shrine? Even Science could not flout the incredible Jagannath temple mystery. Now, you may wonder what they are? Do they really surpass scientific logic? Come, let us talk over all these and have a look over the surprising enigmas of the Jagannath Temple:

1.The enigma of the flag of the shrine:

The flag of the Jagannath temple is, indeed, a mystery as it always floats in the wind’s opposite direction. This is really a strange thing as science has till now failed to explain the reason behind it.

2.The hindrance on flying anything over the temple:

Have you ever seen any bird, aircraft, or other things flying over the shrine of Jagannath in Puri? We are sure that you have not. The intriguing part is, no human has ever forbidden the aviation of birds and aircraft there. Maybe, God has himself forbidden the flights of varied creatures -the Lord’s followers believe this. Also, Science has no clue about this Jagannath temple mystery.

3.The magical placement of the Sudarsan Chakra:

If you consciously gape at the tip of the shrine, you will discover a chakra, popularly known as Sudarshan chakra, fitted there. It is placed at twenty feet of height and carries a ton of weight. But, the inviting part of this unusual chakra is, it could be watched from every direction of Puri. Moreover, from whichever side you peek at this Sudarshana chakra, inevitably you will discover that this chakra is overlooking you.

4.The temple’s structure:

Another Jagannath temple mystery that bows down Science is, the edifice of this shrine is naturally engineered in a manner that no shadow of the shrine is found at any moment during the whole day.

  1. The Simhadwaram’s mystery:

As we all know, the Jagannath temple consists of 4 doors. Among them, the primary door built for people’s entrance is known as Simhadwaram. Whenever you go within the shrine through this portal, loud noises of waves will come to your ear very prominently. But, if you reverse back from a similar path at the very same time, you surely will be amazed as no noises of waves is heard then.

6.The maze of the sea:

Science says, be it anywhere on the earth, the sea breeze always arrives on the land as the sun shines and the very opposite ensues after the sunsets. Regardless, the geographical statutes are also rejected in Puri, maybe by the God Jagannath himself.

7.The magic of the prasad of Jagannath:

A strange thing related to the God Jagannath’s Prasadam is that till now, it never gets squandered. Though the no: of disciples of Lord Jagannath is never uniform in the shrine, His prasad is made of the exact quantity each day. And up till now, neither the news of the wastage of the Prasad is heeded, nor of the insufficiency of the prasad for any devotee.

8.The enigma of the prasad cooking process:

For preparing Lord Jagannath’s prasad, usually, 7 pots, in the manner of one on the other’s top, are seated over the flame. Now, what’s notable is, the urn at the top gets heated much faster than the urns that are below it. This is very much unscientific, which has no justification.

Final words:

Thus, after knowing about all enigmas of the famous shrine of Puri, it must be now clear to you that certain things defy logic. Maybe the grand power of the omnipotent Jagannath is one among them. So, if you ever have previously visited this place but overlooked the mysterious things related to this shrine or also if you never have toured this place till now, you are free to travel to the place now and experience the unbelievable Jagannath temple mystery all by yourself. Just plan a voyage to Puri, Lord’s own place. Best of luck with your trip. May your journey be rewarding.

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