5 Water Saving Tips to Conserve Water

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5 Water Saving Tips to Conserve Water

According to some researchers, 3% of total water is useful or freshwater and even in this 3% only 0.5 % of water is available to drink. As we know that, water is an important factor for all living beings. That’s why, we should start conserving water by adopting some simple habits in our day-to-day life.

Why water conservation is important?

  • Water requires energy – mostly the water is being supplied by a process and this whole process requires energy. if we will be curious to save water or maybe to use less water. Indirectly, we will be able to save the energy and also, to avoid air pollution.
  • Limited sources of water – currently, the sources of water are groundwater, rainwater and snow. no one can tell that this source will be full filled for our need in the future or not. Even, global warming, over development and air pollution this are decreasing factor of the water level. As we know that, water is an important part of our daily life, we should adopt water saving habits to conserve this source.
  • Lack of water in community– it doesn’t mean that these sources are fulfilling the need of water in the whole world. Still, in the many countries people are not getting enough water to fill their needs due to lack of groundwater and rainwater. If you start conserving water then, this people may be start getting enough water.

5 tips to conserve water

1. Update appliances – updating appliances is one of the best ways to conserve water. Especially, old appliances which might be taking more water. You just want to check that, how much water they are taking every day? if you found any issue or might it is taking more water than your need, then you must solve this both problem. Secondly, you can update current appliances such as, installing low showers heads which requires less water, and many other updated appliances are available to conserve water.

2. Shorter shower – while taking shower, up to 10 gallons of water can be waste in one minute. That’s why you should reduce the time of taking bath to conserve water. Set the time of bath maximum 5 to 6 minutes or turn off the shower while taking the bath.

3. Use full load in washing machine – comparing to the full load in washing machine, small load takes more water to wash the clothes. That’s why you should use the washing machine in full load. in case, if you want to use small load, you must adjust the machine knob on the small then, it will take less water.

4. Wash dishes by dishwashers – rather than washing dishes with hands, it will be better to wash them by dishwashers because, it takes less water. If you don’t have dishwater, then don’t worry. simply you want to switch off the water while washing dishes.

5. Switch off the water while brushing – according to environmental protection agency, while brushing average waste is 4 gallons of water. Still, many of us are leaving it on, that’s why you should switch off the faucet while brushing.

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