Time for cooling with classic summer foods

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A fit summer season for us

The seasonal cycle is continually spinning and now it’s the time of the summer season. But as we all know summer is not known for taking heavy foods. Health deteriorates and digestion issues occur in that way. In Indian summer only healthy summer foods can free us from unwanted complications like gastroenteritis, dehydration, and sunstrokes. Let’s take a tour of some of the classic summer foods and be ready to face the summer heat. 

#1. Classic mango drink/ Aam Panna.

We recollect our childhood fond memories every time we hear “Aam Panna”. If you can remember, Aam Panna was our ultimate cravings every time our granny offered a glass to the guests. But then we have no idea that it is such a healthy preparation. Unripe mangoes have a rich quantity of citric, fulvic, malic acids which makes them a nutritional drink. Apart from that, if you drink a glass of Aam Panna every day then health challenges like gastroenteritis, dysentery are least likely to bother you. It’s a combo of meeting the thirst healthily. 

#2. A bowl of yogurt.

Junks like ice cream are the coolest craving for the whole world but we Indians are always homely. Though we also like ice creams in summer, that does not end our love for frozen yogurt. For that matter, those who are from the countryside also make homemade yogurt from jaggery as their first choice for dessert. Yogurt is the perfect example of classic summer foods. Unlike ice cream which heats our stomach and can cause skin issues, jaggery or frozen yogurts cools our body. It meets the desire of your sweet tooth and also being enriched with probiotics assists in quick digestion. 

#3. Round watery melons. 

The most complex problem associated with the warm summers is dehydration. Due to which our arms and joints get into pain and make us uncomfortable. Firstly, to protect us from this utmost complexity, watermelon is formulated of nearly   90 percent water and other rehydration elements. Some of these agents are vitamin A, potassium, and antioxidants. And in addition, it makes healthy bones and skin. Another bonus reason for you to choose watermelon as your hydration healthy summer food partner is that it prevents developing skin cancer from the scorching heat. 

#4. Green vegetables.

Some of us don’t like to eat green vegetables at all. Especially if it is bottle gourd then it can be “eww” for you. But to be honest all healthy foods do not go well with the taste. Super vegetables like lauki or bottle gourd or even bitter karelas (bitter melon) cools down our internal system. They are rich in iron, magnesium, zinc, and riboflavin making blood pressure and weight loss under control. Gourds also keep check in too much oil secretion and urine disorders which usually occur due to dehydration. 

#5. Corn and maize: the magic in fields

We all like popcorn and baby corn. Well, corn is a good source of nutrition for us. These are rich in vitamins, iron, minerals, and fiber and serve as a perfect snack for us. Some enjoyable dishes made from corn are corn grilled in butter and cluster oil, fresh corn salad, Also you should remember that while preparing a balanced corn dish you have to add a reasonable amount of healthy fats because corns have 177 calories. 

Your final take:

The scorching warmth of the daylight in summers is intolerable. At the start of the day itself, we give up thinking for the entire day. And in this restless situation consuming junk like ice creams doesn’t help us. Look for these healthy alternatives with which you can fight this summer. 

So, get ready and check your classic summer foods list now!

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