High Protein Indian Foods – A Way to Immunity

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High Protein Indian Foods – A Way to Immunity

Amidst the severe pandemic we are facing, doctors and healthcare professionals are continuously focusing on good eating habits that also include high protein foods. Immunity is that condition of the body where your body is able to fight external agents and diseases like viruses and bacteria.

However, you always need immunity boosters and proteins are a way to get that.

5 High Protein Foods in India

Most of us know that animal food contains the required amount of protein. Eggs and meats are definitely high protein foods in India. However, as India is a land of mixed culture a good percentage of the population depends completely on vegetarian diets. Therefore, I am going to pick some high protein foods that are vegetarian and easily available in every corner of India.


It is the best plant source protein. Moreover, it is the perfect food for vegans also. Whether it is soybean milk or soya chunks the high protein content and vitamin C content are going to boost your immunity.


Almonds are high protein nuts that also contain vitamin E. This is yet another source of protein for vegetarians as well as for vegans.


Are you having an issue with obesity? Undoubtedly, switch to gluten-free and one of the most recognized high protein foods, the quinoa. In our country, you can take quinoa as a salad or by making khichdi. It tastes good and is packed with nine essential amino acids.

Paneer or cottage cheese

It is a milk-based product and a widely accepted source of protein for vegetarians. Nevertheless, it is not a just the right diet for vegans. Cottage cheese and paneer are in fact the same thing, except that paneer is unsalted. The dietary constituents are the same. This is amazing to know that if you take 100 gms of protein a day, you will end up taking more protein than an egg.


On one hand, chickpeas contain high protein and on the other, it is packed with important minerals like zinc, iron, Vitamin K, calcium, etc. Therefore, it actually doubles the immunity of the body. Chickpeas can be taken in various forms. You can make a yum curry or simply sprout and eat. In either way, it has massive wellbeing benefits.

Do not take too much high protein foods

Very high protein diets are as dangerous as very low ones. The protein requirement depends on your lifestyle and gender. If you are living a sedentary life, the protein intake should be lower. On the contrary, athletes and players need more protein than any normal person does. Therefore, they sometimes depend on protein shakes and powder.

The End Note

Health consciousness is an unavoidable perspective. It is always better to boost immunity naturally than to have pills to cure a disease. Along with other necessary items, High protein foods are becoming an indispensable ingredient of diet in today’s time. Therefore, when we know that, proteins can help us to gain immunity we must consult a dietician or a doctor and take preventive measures.

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