Fracture, A Story

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Fracture, A Story

“Neeta” called her mother. She woke up and remembered that she had to go to work. Though she didn’t feel like going, she still forced herself out of the bed. She hated the negativity at work but had no choice.Amidst so much of created pressure and non cooperation with peers, she kept her cool and spoke to juniors for relaxation.

She liked soft spoken and elite people. Screaming, yelling disturbed her and she would become negative. However after sometime she coped up by speaking to herself. One day after lunch she was strolling on the road and trying to cross towards the garden. Her leg got entangled in a plant and she fell down on her right side. Her right eye was swollen and right hand ached. Every one minute she started receiving calls for work to be done. Completion of one task led to assignment of another task and so on.

She was sick of the atmosphere. By evening her hand ached. She went to the doctor who did x-ray and declared three fractures, ligament tears and damage of tissue. It was hard for her. Her hand was plastered for a month. 

Normally every human has sympathy on seeing such a pathetic condition. But her office people continued to assign her one task after the other. They were useless jobs. Her boss was trying to improve his reputation for getting elevated to the next post. She didn’t like him much as he was very selfish.Some other people for their vested interest supported him. She found it very hard to digest the fact that people could be stone hearted.   

After a month her plaster got removed and she was advised to wear crepe bandage for a month. She also started physiotherapy.

A lesson she learnt from her fracture is to stay away from negative people and to be full of inspiration against all odds.

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