Psychosocial Therapy

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Psychosocial therapy – the therapy mostly needed 

Psychosocial therapy is an important treatment which is used for the patients with psychiatric disorders. It is combined with other therapies. It can be given  individually. Psychotherapy is one kind of treatment of an emotional nature.In this therapy it develops a professional trusting relationship with some objections of modifying, reducing or removing the present symptoms which  allows free communication and leads to understanding. Psychotherapy is an integration and acceptance of self. 

The goal of psychotherapy is of various types: The goal of psychotherapy is important. The main of it to establish a therapeutic relationship with the client. The another goal of psychotherapy is change, remove or reduce the maladaptive patterns of behaviour. It should be modified the environment which is causing malbehaviour.  The another goal of it to help the client to develop self confidence and self identity. It help the client to improve interpersonal relationship with communication skills.

It provide information about the source of his problem, possible alternative for changing and about the future. The indication of psychotherapy is to vary from psychotherapy to other.

There are some contraindications of psychotherapy are… Severe behaviour disturbances like excessive excitement. Acute phase of organic psychosis. It is unmotivated and unwilling clients. Hysteria and hypochondriasis clients, group therapy should not indicated. It is unliked to respond like personality disorders. It is antisocial type of personality. 

There are some classification of  this therapies

Short term and long term according to time. Superficial supportive psychotherapy and deep analytical psychotherapy and educative counseling – according to probing into unconscious mind. Individual, group , family –according to number of clients. According to theoretical formulations supportive, re-educative and re- constructive. Psychotherapy is conducted on only one clients at one time. It is effective  when a therapeutic rapport develops between patients and therapist.

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