The most literate Joke

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The most literate Joke

An Indian goes to *Canada* to enjoy maple leaves and eat *Pizza* at a scenic spot for lunch   . . .

He ordered a *9-inch Pizza* . 
After a while, the Waiter  brought *two 5-inch diameter pizzas*
And said the 9-inch pizza was *_not_* available and He was giving Him *two 5-inches Pizzas* instead, 
and that He was getting 1 inch more for free . . .

The Indian guy, politely requested  the Waiter to speak to the Shop Owner.

The Indian Guy gave Him the  mathematical formula to calculate the area of a circle  –

Circle Area = *π r²*
where *π = 3.1415926*, 
*r* is the *radius* of the circle     . . .

And this works out that 
a *9-inch circle area* = *63.62 square inches*, 


a *5-inch circle area* is *19.63 square inches*

The *two 5-inch circle areas* add up to *39.26 square inches*. 

The Indian guy commented that even if you gave me three pizzas and I’ll still lose-out. 
How can you say you are giving me an extra inch for free . . .

The Shop Owner was  speechless    . . .
He finally gave the Indian Guy *4 pizzas*  👌🏾
You can never outsmart a Indian   . . .

This is the most literate Joke that I have seen in recent days

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