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Rats at their best

Naval had shifted recently to his new residence. He loved his vehicle the most and parked it outside the gate.His new space was comfortable with a ground in front and a sea. He was very fond of the entire area.

But the thing he loved the most was his car.

One morning he found that someone had smashed the lights at the back. He was highly disgusted with it. He went to the garage and repaired it.

He changed his regime and went to the gym on the upper floors. He exercised for an hour which he found to be healthy and enhance his dashing looks. Every girl turned back and gave him a second look.

This made him high but he was very shy so he blushed also like a girl.

Days passed by. One day he went to start his car so that he could go to work. But it wouldn’t start. With difficulty it was taken to the garage. On investigation it was found that the rats had cut wires thereby destroying all sensors and preventing the vehicle from starting. He wondered these rats are very unique. They found my car to eat the wires.

The incident repeated again and he had to go again to get it repaired. His car was his second home and he felt handicapped without it. So from the next day he decided to park it inside the gate of the house even though it would take some time to remove the car. He also thought these rats are at their best in my car.

Saving time is not always right.

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