Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence
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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is making a machine namely computer to work and make decisions like a human brain. Though human brain is supposed to be supreme., the machine can suggest options and humans can use those suggestions. In earlier times there were rule based systems.

What is a rule based system? It is a system in which rules are fed and the system gives output based on those rules when an input is received. The output of one rule can be input to another rule and multiple rules may be fired at the same time to give final result.

Slowly the systems have been advanced to learn over a period of time. We hear terminologies like big data.Information in today’s world is available in text, image, video, voice and many other formats. These are to be cleaned to identify what is useful at this point of time and to remove rest. Big data refers to huge amount of data normally in tera bytes.

The cleaned information then becomes data and is given to a model which becomes trained. Whenever a new scenario or input is received the model generates output based on some accuracy. Training requires huge computational resources but running of the model needs little resource.
There are many forms of learning of model.

The algorithms in today’s world use data in cloud and run over there. Many companies like google, Amazon etc offer cloud services where you can use their hardware or infrastructure as a service and pay them in return. The whole world has been connected today virtually.

The models are then run to generate the output. Manual overrides are given to prevent errors before final decision making. With the advancement of AI the world will move ahead technologically thereby reducing human effort. ..

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