Management by Humiliation

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Management by Humiliation

Does everyone get respect in the world?

Mona wondered. She had worked very hard, studied day and night to work for the government. With no recommendation, no proper guidance she still managed to get through with merit by her perseverance.

She had longed for a smooth life but each day was a surprise. She had been posted at Bangalore where she was happy. Her seniors were very cooperative and took good care of her. Within a few months, she moved to Delhi as her parents stayed there. Being the only child of the family, it was her duty to look after them.

     Mona came and joined Delhi office. The atmosphere was very strange.No one had time to spare and speak to anyone properly. She was an innocent girl and believed every word that people said including her boss.Slowly over a period of time she discovered that people are double sided shady and backbiters.

To get little benefits and meet their selfish ends they played games.Her boss humiliated those who were weak. She didn’t answer as she had learnt that elders had to be given respect but slowly she found that there was an increase in the amount of humiliation.There were people who instigated. As everyone added spice to conversations she stopped speaking to people at workplace. People used this also and complained that she was not talking to others.

     Mona didn’t know what to do. There was another colleague Divya who spent lot of time with her boss. She spent days in his room all the time.She was caught in a vigilance case but since her husband was in an elite position she was able to pay some amount and get away. She also got promited.All Divya did was to instigate peers, juniors and her boss and get things done. Mona was suffering but didn’t know what to do.

     To make matters worse her boss got elevated and continued to pass negative comments against her. He did not allow anyone to speak to his higher ups and with lot of wrong as well as false information got elevated.In order to get his supporters elevated at few years he elevated one of her senior. The supporter did all his personal work. Paid credit card bills, booked tickets, maintained his account as well as his wife’s and also went to his house.

   Mona discovered workplace politics is not easy to sustain.People use their spouse, personal contacts, favours, caste and pull others down to move ahead.Even if their jobs fail further it doesn’t matter as they have already got what they wanted.

This is today’s world wherein there are next to zero friends.
Mona continues to wait for her time to come….

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