What is beauty to you

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What is beauty to you? 

Is it a perfect body and white skin? 

What is more? 

Is it our personality who we are? 

Is that beauty? 

Is it the musk and make up we wear every day? 

Is it the thought and things we say? 

Is it okay to say it beauty? 

Does beauty deal with physical? 

Is beauty more than perfect skin and youthful eyes? 

But to me beauty runs deep. 

It deals with who we are inside. 

You are beautiful to me when you are simple and kind. 

Beauty to me is open mind, 

Generosity and love, 

That rises above, 

Beauty is more than what you don’t eat, 

It’s more than your height

Or the size of your feet, 

Beauty is a sense of satisfaction. 

Physical beauty is something which   will fade one day, 

But mental beauty is eternal,

We can change the world through our generous mentality!

Beauty which deals with mind is the eternal truth…

Beauty is the something which deals with how beautiful you are from the mental point of view… 

Beauty is something when you will help a poor people and he will show love and care towards us that is also beauty, 

Beauty is the smile on the mother’s face, 

Beauty lies in helping the distressed and worried people, 

Beauty lies more in the broken things also if anyone can see, 

We wish good things to see the shooting star not the star that is also exists in the sky, 

Beauty is in the everything if anyone can find that hidden beauty… 

 Beauty helps a student to feel and understand a thing in better way… 

Beauty is something which helps a philosopher to comprehend a thought, 

Beauty is something which helps a poet to compose a poetry, 

Beauty inspires a artist to designs a beautiful piece of art, 

Beauty in everyone’s life encourage them to be a lover of their own life.

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