Reasons behind Depression

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Reasons behind Depression

Depression is a very common term in this present scenario. First of all, depression is something when we expect much more from anything or anyone and that expectations are not fulfilled from that time depression comes in our life.

We are suffering  in inferiority about ourselves. That depression can happen with us Or with anyone else. Basically depression is related to psychology but it effects our physical health also. Continue failure is the another reason of this anxiety or depression.

Apart from this cause the problems in relationship, economical crisis, and  many more other reasons. But when we are  felt depressed we  are thought that we need to go to the hospital because we need to take medicine and only then we will feel good and we will be out of this depression.

But this is not like that. If doctor will  give medicine that will be the treatment of physical level not psychological level. If doctor will give you some good advice about how to come out of this depression and also will give advice to stop overthinking.

But the only director of your mind is only you not other ones. Only you can control your  overthinking. Yeah, thinking is good, we should think but your thinking should have clarity. If you are thinking doesn’t have clarity that is not good.

As extreme relaxation  is not good , like that over thinking is not good . It’s upon you what you wants, what you will make your mind heaven or hell,  your mind will be like you have chosen.

Smile and happiness is only thing that can help to come out of this depressed situation. So, be happy and be positive don’t get all the time and in the difficult situation also.

When you will be happy, your mind also will be happy . And hope for the best always.

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