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Who is SuperHero

Sakshi, a homemaker and mother of two kids, is making breakfast and is performing a pooja. Her youngest son, Arjun, aged 5 years, wakes up and is observing her as she is doing many things, walking from hall to kitchen as she is serving her in-laws coffee.

She folded her hands into a namasthe and closed her eyes and started chanting mantras which seems to Arjun as if she is murmuring  something. Sakshi notices Arjun and lifts him up and makes his hands fold as namaste and says to pray to god. 

Sakshi: Arjun beta, pray to god, wish god a very good morning. 

Arjun (folds his hands, sees something and asks): mom, who is in that pic and points his finger to a brightly cleaned picture of a man carrying a mountain in one hand and a big tennis bat on other hand and he is flying without wings.

Sakshi(sees picture pointed and laughs): It is the picture of Lord Hanuman. He is carrying a mountain that has all the medicinal herbs in it and it is not a tennis bat; it is his weapon. 

Arjun: how come he is flying without wings, mom??

Sakshi: He uses physics and that’s why he can fly without wings. 

Arjun: i don’t believe this; one cannot fly like that. 

Sakshi(inhales deeply and feeds him breakfast): you watch superman, spiderman and batman, right??  

Arjun: yes, batman is my favourite. 

Sakshi: ok, now tell me what is their uniqueness??? How does a batman fly??

Arjun: brings his shawl to the front and closes himself with that and flies. 

Sakshi: what about superman??

Arjun: raises his right hand; closes his fist and bows down head and flies. 

Sakshi: spiderman???

Arjun: opens his wrist; then a web forms from his hand to the place he points and then with that support, he jumps. 

Sakshi: I don’t believe it. How come one can close his hand and can jump?? How can one shape himself like a bat?? How does a web form when the wrist is opened???

Arjun: you have seen it in the series, na. 

Sakshi: so, you want me to believe as I have seen it, right???

Arjun: yes. 

Sakshi: then, why don’t you believe the picture of Lord Hanuman???

Arjun becomes silent and starts thinking… 

Sakshi: You know Arjun, why are they called superheros??

Arjun: no. 

Sakshi(smiles): because, they face many problems and come up with solutions to every problem. 

Arjun: meaning??

Sakshi: in movies, they have a villain who makes them weak, creates many problems for them, right. Still, they don’t give up. They fight and defeat the villain. 

This is similar to life. We get many problems, we should not be disappointed; instead we should fight and win.

Arjun: ok, so every problem is a villain; I am the hero. 

Sakshi(laughs): exactly and To you, those are superheroes; for me, Lord Hanuman is a superhero. 

Sakshi finishes feeding him breakfast and as she goes to the wash basin to put that dish, she sees Arjun looking at the picture of Lord Hanuman and folds his hands to a namasthe.  

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