Determination, A Story

Determination, A Story
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Determination, A Story

There was a village, the name of the village was Mohulpur. In that village there was a girl named mahua. She was from a low background.   She was brilliant in the study. But her father was poor but honest. Her father’s name was Mridul babu. He was a farmer.

He trusted in her daughter very much. He knows she will overcome all the obstacles in their life and will reach to the destination of her life. She wanted to be a doctor in her life. But her father wasn’t so much rich that he could give her the money.

She worked hard in her study and tried to give the scholarship for the higher study. No one helped her economically at that time, no friends, no relatives, no teachers, no one. Gradually, her father became ill. Her father was suffering from high blood pressure. It was too much pressure for her to maintain her study and the at the same time maintain the family also both in economically and financially.

She could not find any option what to do. How to maintain everything. She felt helpless. At that time one friend of her came forward to help her. He told her that he will be with her every time and he also help her always. she felt confidential by hearing his words. She started her study with enthusiastically.

But in her life, there were some person or some lady who were always ready to demotivate her. They told her that she can’t do that because she is a girl. And it is match with you to be a doctor. The main work of a girl to be a housewife not doctor so be in the house and take care of your aged father”.

But this kind of demotivated speech could not demotivate her. She wanted to reach her destination and always did her work as the same. But she admitted in her medical college. There she was also humiliated in various ways because she was from low class background and her father was farmer.

For that reason, the classmates of her always insulted her and she never told them anything. Because she knew that when she will be a doctor that will be the best answer for all. So, she remained silent. One hater of her was Amrita who was her offender, she always tried to insult her and overcome her in the study.

One she made a plan to humiliate her. Their teacher gave them homework and she did the homework, but Amrita stole her exercise books and teacher scolded her for not doing the homework. And another Amrita locked her in a room so that she could not attend the practical class. By bearing such type of torture she got the highest mark in their college. And Amrita felt jealous because of her success.

But if you do bad with people, bad will also with you no doubt. Because of the first position Mohua became a good neurologist doctor. Every teacher felt proud of her and started to hate Amrita because of such kind of ill – fated behaviors towards Mohua. The villagers of her village also felt proud of her.

She proved that if you have the determination to do something good in your life, nobody could not stop you, it didn’t matter you are from middle class background, you are not too much wealthy. 

Self-determination and hard work is the main weapons of everyone. This two will help us to reach the destination. 

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