Chandamama Shankar has passed away

Chandamama Shankar
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‘Chandamama’ Shankar has passed away

Prominent painter Karatholuvu Chandrasekaran Shivashankaran (97), popularly known as ‘Chandamama’ Shankar, has passed away.  Sankar was the artist behind the signature painting of the Vikram and Vetala series, featured in Chandamama. 

Shankar, who developed an interest in drawing from an early age, joined the Art College in Chennai after completing Class XII. He trained for his painter skills in that school.

He joined Kalaimagal magazine in 1946 as a painter for the first time. He later joined Chandamama in 1952 and worked there for almost 60 years until the magazine closed in 2012. Chandamama stories were visualized before the eyes of the readers with his wonderful pictures.

As a painter, Shankar brought thousands of paintings to life. He painted wonderful paintings for epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata. However, he is best known for his ghost films in Chandamama. there were two other famous painters, Chitra Raghavulu and Vaddadi Papaya in Chandamama and Shankar  joined their team.

For, the characters are perfectly visualized  before their eyes of readers those who grew up watching Shankar’s dolls in ‘Chandamama’. he wonderfully put the images of those characters before our eyes.

The image of Vikrama holding a handkerchief in one hand and carrying a corpse on his shoulder made Shankar very famous. Moreover, it is no exaggeration to say that Shankar inspired many of the buildings, ornaments and cinemas in the setting for mythology.

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