Give us a Way – Teacher Call

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Give us a Way – Teacher Call

In the present scenario, the situation of private lecturers and teachers is deplorable. This poem is a voice to state the inner conflict which we are facing because of covid and hopefully some noble souls will be touched to help us rise above this calamity. Please consider this as social call for the betterment of teachers in private fields.

The hand that teaches 

The voice that preaches

For help and support now beseeches

Too qualified to do labour

Too dignified to borrow from a neighbour

Some with covered faces sell fruits

Others bend and wipe polished boots

Postgraduate s stand on the roads

Running behind all vacancies boards

Who can see thier plight

Who can understand their fight

Private teacher s we are the most dedicated clan 

Who trained many a truant boy into a successful man

We have always worked for less than we really deserved

Knowledge and learning for over years we have preserved 

So many engineers, doctors and officers we have given a future and taught From ABC

Now in oblivion we lay not knowing what or who to be

A thankless profession many have said

Is the empowerment of the Head

Now for a morsel of food we are forced to tread

Unknown paths of poverty and compromise ahead

God all we pray 

Give us a way

To earn our daily bread

And lead our life ahead.

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