Guayabamba Zoo- Quito, Zoo in Ecuador

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Guayabamba Zoo- Quito, Zoo in Ecuador 

Animals are the most important species among all. Without them our existence is very problematic. They help us a lot in various ways, but we always are trying to kill their existence.

We all are fugitive to the animals that have the sufferer of the wildlife illegal business and because our killing nature. The Quito Zoo is directed by the Zoological Foundation of Ecuador. The Zoological Foundation of Ecuador is an NGo which is nonprofit. It is a mesmerizing zoo.

It an awesome place and attractive. The guides are very kindhearted nature. There you can see that the guides will direct from the start, excellent organization. The animals are well nourished and also fed in clean and good areas.

The Quito zoo is located in the town of Guayabamba, it is about 29 kilometers North of Quito. Guayabamba zoo is approximately 12 hectares are reserved more than 50 species of native fauna. It is little bit problematic to reach from a hotel near the Quito Airport.

So, you have to take a taxi and it will take 25 minutes to reach the zoo. In the way back you can take the bus which will take about 1 hour 40 minutes. The entry fee of the zoo is $ 4.50. It is a well-organized zoo. Inside the zoo all the way you can find the paw prints.

This paw prints will take you to all the exhibition. There is also a figure which is commemorative representation of lonesome George. A turtle that everyone thought was extinguished. After this there was many attempts to take this species in laboratories, but there was futile in 2012 he dies.

The Quito Zoo is a preservative zoo. We can find various types of zoo in all over the world. Many people have criticized the zoo about how they treat to the animals inside the zoo. The animals are from which place? And why they are in a captive situation in that zoo? But this zoo is a very well-organized zoo.

The animals who are in this zoo had rescued them from their problematic situation. The animals are here in captive situation because they can’t go back the normal natural environment. Because of many causes or events the animals have injured or affected. Maybe they were injured by some accident, now they are in Guayabamba to have care.

The Zoo is really outstanding. 

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