Engineer’s Day – Sep 15th

Engineer’s Day – Sep 15th
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“Engineers are persons who discover the world by their pen and brain”

Engineer’s day is celebrated in India on 15th September, in memory of Sir Mokshgundam Visweswarayya.  He was the most prominent civil engineer in India in the 20th Century. who is particularly known for his pioneering work in irrigation techniques and flood control?

Celebrating Engineer’s day isn’t just to brood over our past greats. But It is celebrated further for emphasizing the importance of role of engineers in building India’s future. India is a developing nation. And, for development we need infrastructure, new inventions and innovations and of course modern technology in all fields as well.

   We want to travel in 21st century with telecom gadgets, better fuels, new machines, digital and information technology. All these require a lot of expert and capable engineers to build such advancement technologies. Our nation expects to have tens of millions of workforces in the next five years.

    In the last three decades India progressed and earned fame in the whole world with its smart and intelligent engineers, who is spread all over the world.  Let’s also learn from an engineer’s role. Engineers a conceives, designs, implements, checks and installs it.  Their work proceeds in a planned and discipline way. They build tools to make future work easier and reach higher levels of maturity and capability.

A world without an engineer is just like a bike without wheels. If we can’t ride a bike without wheels just like that we can’t survive without engineers.

Now a days people are so much into mobile phones, television. The average people spent almost 5 to 6 hours on smartphones because of the engineers. They made our lives easier by developing the tools. We can say that science is all about knowing and engineering is all about doing.

So, an engineer transforms our outdated and old lifestyle into more fashioned and elegant ones.

Salute to Them.

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