The Girl with the Crystal Ball

Crystal Ball
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Far away in a land of blossoming flowers and green pesters, there lived a girl who wore pretty pink and blue frocks. Her grandfather had a farm I which he reared chickens, goats , cows and grew bright yellow corn. The sweet little girl had lost her parents in a tragic accident near the barn her mother had slipped into the well there and her father mourned her death by crying and had a heart failure. The little girl lived with her grandparents.

The whole day at school and the whole night at her bedroom window gazing at stars and crying she glared at the stars wondering about her parents and their new home which her grandmother ofter described in tiny tales every dusk ,she longed to go there.     

One day near the barn she saw a crystal ball fallen by the forbidden well in which she lost her mother. The girl carried the ball with her home and hid it from her grandmother she hid the ball behind a vase on her study table near her bedroom window At night as she mourned her parents loss by glaring at the stars she saw colorful lights like the ball was shining the she heard a heavenly voice it said,

“My child we are your parents from outside our new home it’s been a year we are away from you we miss you the days are fine but at nights this big crystal ball blocks our homes door and we are forced to stand in the cold, this Ball is formed by your tears and sleepless night, every time you cry it gets bigger so I sent it to you if you listen to grandma forgive and forget us we will be able to go home and every night we will be able to see you from our bedroom window but if you want to see us happy you will have to be happy and sleep at nights hope you will do so sweet heart …

The lights stopped and so did the voice the little girl wiped her tears held the ball close to her heart and his it in her toy chest and went to sleep she never cried again.       

The next day morning as grand father was cleaning the lawn he found a cassette player, colour papers and a torch, he asked grandma and she said with a smile, it belongs to the crystal ball within”. 

Our loved ones never leave us they are immortal in our memories and smiles.

Dedicated to my parents who are with me… spiritually

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