Social Media Addiction

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What is social media addiction?

If you are using social media to help you overcome loneliness, here’s
the information that will help you…

We use social media to help us overcome loneliness or boredom, and
then we gradually get used to it.

We don’t realize how this habit is like a drug addiction over time.
After this, we cannot get away from it even if we want it. Like drug
addiction, social media addiction also has a negative impact on
physical and mental health as well as social lysis.

Social Media Addiction
Social Media Addiction

According to a recent research published in the American journal
Privatised Medicine,
if we spend time on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter,
Google, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, etc.
the results could be reversed.

The findings of the research show that the more adult youth spend and
stay active on social media, the more likely they are to be removed
from society.

The researcher analyzed the reaction from 11 most popular social media
websites from 1,500 American adults between the ages of 19 and 32.

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