On the other side of beliefs

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Every day, when I watch T.V. to hear if any good news has come, these seemingly great people, so-called astrologers and seers pop up out of nowhere. They drive the conversation with theories that could never be scientifically and mathematically proven. If they actually predicted this thing coming up back then, why didn’t they stop it in the first place? Forget it, can they even go advance in the future and could tell the composition of the vaccine? 

No.. it can’t happen, dear, leave it for the happenings, so that everyone gets a role to play, sit and watch the cinema”, I recoil.

Now, it takes me back to watching the recent trailer of a movie directed by RGV. Damn, It’s so dreadful and lame! It really stirs the people crazy. Those who have the disease will leave out all the hopes and die, and the one who doesn’t have it shall surely become a victim.

Coming back to where we left off, I assure that neither the seers nor the politicians can get to the exact point where this dire situation leads us to. But those forecasts, which count to zero at the end should not be assimilated by the poor viewers. They carry on the conversation and opinions in a way that anyone on the verge of falling into the clutches, loses mental control and slips into it unknowingly. But on the brighter side, it should be understood as to aware the public. It’s better that people know both sides of it, not to fall into the trap.

These kinda acts boost TRPs but the media, to which the majority of the public is being attracted as of today, it’s often seen as a Mind Manipulator. Instead, we should be imbibing positive vibes, take precautions and hope for the normalcy to set in. Now at the base, it is ultimately Us, who can make a difference that leads to a desirable CHANGE. Nothing can beat this. No prediction can.

In fact, no politician can come up donating a lion share of his/her income to your health and not a seer could predict your future and that of this world. We are the only one who can confront this condition together with positivity and wellbeing. 

The great predictors : Normalcy can’t be retained

Me : ” Bet you, take that back!

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