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The below opinions are imaginary and is not guaranteed for the results mentioned

1. If u watch  NDTV, Quint, Wire and Print or read Ajai Shukla and Brahma Chellaney – You will think India is taken over by Fascists, there is going to be civil war and China is about to reach Gurugram.

2. If u watch  ZeeTV, Republic, News X, Republic Bharat, India TV and Bharatvarsh – You will think India is the new major Military-Economic World Leader under PM Modi and we will soon take over Islamabad.

3. If you read newspapers, you don’t know whether God or Govt. who is running the country.

4. If you watch stock market, you don’t know whether economy is sinking or reviving.

5. If you read Whatsapp messages you will find the world is facing every conceivable problem, and also there is an expert to provide solution to every problem. 

6. If u read/watch all of the above – You will be a totally confused man, will be posting garbage forwards and will not know whether to panic or chill.

So don’t read/watch anything – spend time only with your wife – listen to her sermons, follow her advice and do whatever she says – you will be happy, at peace and in nirvana.

Or spend time with friends, have chilled beer or sip single malt in the evening rainy weather and you will realise that everything is bogus except time and spirt !

Please choose your options wisely

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