Something Special About Rain

Lady in Rain @pexels
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One look at it never goes into vain, 

There’s something special about the rain.

On the spur of the moment it revives in your brain,

Every little flashback of happiness and pain.

Taking a walk down the memory lane,

These minutes of solitude keep me sane.

Do you recall the smell in the air?

Of the times you looked out in despair.

The same drops that gave you solace and hope,

With this changing world, you too can cope.

Of the times you looked out joyfully, in content 

To your face, a bright smile was lent.

There’s nothing to hide, these drops have seen it all,

The times you rose to victory or had a great fall.

You could keep staring and lose yourself in it,

Despise your thoughts or reminisce every bit.

Some days your soul was filled with emptiness,

On other days, your heart was a creative mess.

Myriad of emotions that went down your head,

were heard by them when deceived by your bed.

 Unbothered how they fall in front of your eyes, 

Or from them, covering up all your lies. 

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