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The word seems even more far fetched than our thoughts of it. When was the last time you felt a lump in your throught, a thump in your heart, butterflies in your stomach, or even a tinkle in your pallet. Something that inspired you, something you are fond of, your first love, your cherished restaurant, your best friend’s crooked smile, anything that’s enough to make your present moment happy.

Not all memories last for long. What is that one thing, that one slide of pictures however silly it might be that you imagine at your 0, your weak, your stressful times. No one can judge you for your memory of a person, thing or place. Because however similar people we may be each of us have our box of memories. A sandcastle always prone to waves, waves that fade away most of the castle and we are left with a tiny bit of sand in our vast human neurological setup.~

I hazely remember my memory of you

Some smiles,some fun,a place or two

I still pass through those places to feel what is left of it

I see new flowers blossoming,

I cross pebbles beneath,I often come across them in my memory of you

Some smiles, some fun, some solace too.

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