Short film Review: ‘Karthik Dial Seytha Yen’

Short film Review: ‘Karthik Dial Seytha Yen’
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Have you all seen Gautam Vasudev Menon’s (GVM) fame Vinnaithandi Varuvaya (VTV) movie?

If not, just go have a romantic movie with a twist at the end. If you are not a fan of STR (Simbu), Trisha or GVM you become one by watching this movie.

The team of the movie got an awesome short film released in YouTube in this quarantine period. The short film is named ‘Karthik Dial Seytha Yen’ which showcase the quarantine time at their respective life at their home.

The writer’s thing

All writers up here put your hands up who had felt I can’t write, I feel stuck, the flow is not coming, I need space, I need atmosphere, I need a motivation, I need a gap, I need a holiday to energize my mind, I don’t get the plot going etc.

Writing is a gift that is rendered by us to the world which gives a return gift to write again.

The short film

The protagonist named Karthik is a writer cum director who is stuck with his writing and get motivation from his ex lover Jessie who is now a wife of other person. STR plays Karthik’s role and Thrisha as Jessie. The plot of the short film is the phone call between them.

As mentioned before VTV movie team as given this short film and so GVM is the director and A R Rahman has scored the music. The music is as usal mesmerising. The short film is directed indoors at Karthik and Jessie’s respective houses which is itself a beautiful treat to the eyes and make us feel ‘Can I have such place in my home!’ Just with two places and two people GVM has made magic in this short film.


The short film video is #1 trending in YouTube. There are million of view and likes which is going on counting. The fans are waiting for the part two of the same.

The meme creates are enthusiastic as they got new subject to troll on. On surfing the social media you can see STR and Trisha getting trolled every now and then. They are the free advertiser who make the public watch the thing to get to understand the troll.

On the whole it is the best short film to count on…

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