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Once upon a time there was an old and poor farmer. He was sab that other farmers where rich and had lots of money. He decided to pray to lord Kubera the god of wealth. He began to pray when lord Kubera showed himself and made the farmer wealthy.

A greedy thief who had lots of stolen money but still wanted more money. So he decided to rob the farmer. The thief was clever, but the farmer was cleverer than the thief. Whenever the farmer was out the thief would try to steal the wealth. But the farmer’s wife and child be at home. So he couldn’t steal anything.

One night he planned to steal the farmer. He went at midnight hoping everyone in the house would be sleeping. But he forgot to bring a lamp. So he went in search of a lamp in the kitchen. He couldn’t see in dark so he mistakenly hit the cooking pot, which fell down and made a loud noise. The farmer and his family  came with the lamp and caught the thief.

Next morning the farmer took the thief to the king and got him arrested.

Moral – A thief is sure to be caught.

By, Rudransh Vyas. 7 Years Old

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