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Once upon a time there was a tiger which lived in a big jungle. The tiger was very naughty and always played pranks on the sages residing in the jungle.

One day the tiger felt very joyless. Suddenly he remembered there was a sage in the hermitage beside the jungle. So he went in a clump of bushes in the sage’s hermitage.

The sage was praying to lord Brahma that time. The sage suddenly heard lord Brahma’s voice [THE TIGER MAKING LORD BRAHMA’S VOICE ] said  “Sage I will give u a curse that you will die tomorrow morning.” The  sage then wondered what bad thing did he do ? He suddenly heard the tiger laughing.

The Sage understood he had been fooled. He hold his holy pot and took one hand full of holy water and said  “You evil tiger I curse you that you become a rat and be killed by a lion” and threw the holy water on the tiger which touch his tail. The tiger immediately became a rat.

Moral – Never play pranks.

Rudransh Vyas – 7Years Old

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