A Write up about Writing

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Is writing an art?

How many of you feel that it is a boon to have the skill?

If your hands are up. I am one among you, give me hifi… But I realised nothing is impossible if you give a try wholeheartedly.

Does a person becomes a writer only if he/she publish a book?

Or if they publishe an article in a magazine?

The answer is No. If you render a beautiful love pem to your lover then you become a great poet. If it is a wonderful letter you become a writer.

The goal which you fix makes you what you are…

If you feel only when you publish a book you become a writer that is shear foolishness because not all writers are authors but all authors are writers…

Here is a journey of a normal person becoming a writer…

Ramu returns in a bus to his home after attending whole day college. He is tired but in this peak hour too he got a window seat. The evening is so beautiful to the eyes of those who admire it. He grabbed a book and pen. Everybody turned towards him as he was in a hurry and expected him to draw the nature. But he scribbled something and everybody was curious to see that.

Grandma near him couldn’t hold herself and asked so curiously “can I see it?”. He is very hesitant to show it as it is first attempt or the spellings are right it the content is correct but after a flash he gave the book to the grandma.

போரில் காணும் ரத்த ஆற்றால் அட்சம் உருவாகிறது!!!
ஆனால் வானத்திலுள்ள ரத்த ஆறோ ரம்மியமாக உள்ளது…
கதிரவனே! உன் கதிர்களைக் கொடுத்தால் நான் கொஞ்சம் என் நண்பனின் ரத்த சோகையைப் போக்கி விடுவேனே!!!

{Translation: The blood river in the war is too scary!!! But the blood river in the sky is so beautiful… Oh Sun! Give me your race to cure my friend’s anemia…}

The grandma are piece of writing loudly as all the passengers in the bus heard it. A round of big applause resonated inside the bus. Some people asked Ramu if he needs any blood donation and exchange their phone numbers for the same.

Hearing this story how many of you feel Ramu as a poet??? Even if he was hesistant to give the book to read he would have been a poet to himself. The appreciation keeps the person to proceed writing yet without appreciation doesn’t mean the person is not a writer.

Recently a post was shared. It said

“Are you a writer? If not sit before a typewriter and bleed….”

The lines are lovely to start a career in writing….

Here we all have an opportunity to write in Chandamama. I appreciate them for appreciating us.

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