The world is dismissing you for being an Independent woman?

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Who are Independent women ? :

Independent is the most misunderstood word in our society because of its association with freedom!

That too if it is associated with a woman means total collapse!

The term “ Independent woman “ is “ Feminist or She doesn’t need a man “ but sadly Independent woman means a lot…

self believer, individual decision-maker, open-minded !! So many independent women took our country to new heights, most of them had a beautiful family!

Such a wonder women are everywhere now! Bank CEOs, Food Chain Heads, Aviation Industry specialists, Fright forwarding experts, Apparel industry leaders, FMCG managers and so on..!

Such super women not just elevated overnight! Each and everyone is having their own battlefield. but how very few shining? The determination and consistent change in approach or learning will do miracles.

Being independent is not a common thing! because it is not an easy task since very few are travelling in that passage!

it needs a lot of thinking ability and strong decision-making skills. They won’t follow others easily, they never agree easily, they will never compromise so quickly.

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That’s why the entire world will see them differently with their own persona ! that too if that independent personality is a woman means … so many aggressive portrayals too.

Normally women are super creations ! by birth they are doing multitasking with such a dedication… The patience, convincing skill, proactiveness is incomparable so many successful women are equally successful in their family life too.

So many earned their independence by their own sweat and tear …!

Independence is a state of mind according to life gurus.

Challenges of an Independent woman :

Normally successful peoples earn more haters than good wishers because envy is a global disease ! they will handle so many ways to distract and demolish such thought processes.

They might abuse about skin tone, origin, race, sex …!

Transgenders and women are mostly degraded by their gender.

They are targeted everywhere especially in social media! each and every phase of their life is against such negative people. but that made them even stronger enough to pass on.

Can the World Dismiss them? :

If a woman fails, the level of degradation is unimaginable though she succeeded the blame game will be dirtier! At the initial stages that might shake them but after some phase, they will be stronger enough to deal with all the screams!

Last month itself an unbearable incident at a workplace! A cancer survivor came back to the office with artificial hair! needless to say much about that killing disease. but some heartless people mocked her for that hair …. She resigned from the job. For sure her heart will be broken into several pieces. she might think there is no such word called “ Humanity “.

The world is having such a capability to destroy anybody with words … but not them!

Irrespective of gender the Successful people never bother about others ! they will consider themself as their own competitor and push themselves to the next level consistently.

Whatever, they won’t let their focus down. they will surely listen to the world but never respond to it … no need to do so !!

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