The Day I Lost My Mom – A True Poem

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The day I lost my mom,
A part of me had forever gone.

We lost her too early,
and too soon,
No longer…
I could see a smiling sun or moon.

I was always an obedient son,
Now, only her memory remained:
full of affection and fun.

As long as she was there,
Our lives were full of happiness & care.

Image Source: Pexels

Since then, my life has changed,
With abundant responsibilities,
I got myself chained.

I can’t let the world know,
How broken I often feel,
Sans mom, life is nil.

Image source: Pexels

We tried everything to ensure she lives,
But God was merciless.
We could only cry and grieve!
I miss her as always.
Now living my life – soulless!

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