Anxiety – An ignored reality

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Each one of us experiences that low in our lives, wherein we feel extremely nervous and helpless. For every single person out there, anxiety is a result of certain uninvited situations that create sudden physical and mental disturbances. The level of anxiety tends to differ from person to person. Likewise, the intensity of the problem that leads to anxiety is also quite distinguished. There are a couple of common reasons that cause anxiety among individuals spread across different age groups, genders and beliefs. Let us now glance through a couple of universally witnessed anxiety triggers.  

  • Procrastination

The 21st century is ruled by concepts such as work life balance, smart v/s hard work and of course the king of all practices, multitasking. Coping with these upcoming concepts is not really a cakewalk for many of us. Most of us find it very difficult to schedule and prioritize the various activities at hand. We end up choosing an easy escape, which is to procrastinate. After a certain point, we are forced to come out of the procrastination shell and face reality. This is one of the common agenda that leads to unfathomable levels of anxiety.

  • Health Conditions

Each one of us holds a deep desire within to stay hale and hearty throughout our life spans. However, the picture is not all that rosy always. In spite of taking utmost care, there are bright chances of us taking sick. While some people might become victims of anxiety over major health issues that involve long-stretched recovery durations, there are others, who might find minor illnesses such as a common cough and cold leading to serious bouts of anxiety.

  • Unsatisfactory Relationships

Our life becomes beautiful all thanks to our near and dear ones, who complete our little world. However, at times miscommunication and misunderstandings create tiny cracks in the relationships that we have valued all our lives. Even though such downhill occurrences are a temporary phase, most of us get into our panic shoes and start imagining things that are never really going to take place. The end result of this is nothing, but an anxiety attack.

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  • Self Image

It is often said that a person, who loves and respects oneself, commands love and respect from people around. However, at times we fail to see our real worth. Negative emotions start overpowering us. Sometimes, we get overtly judgemental about ourselves. All this pulls down our self image to levels from where standing up once again becomes extremely difficult. The subsequent reaction comes in the form of anxiety that decides to never leave us from there.

  • Stressful Situations

One common health hazard that tends to spoil our physical and mental well-being is undoubtedly, stress. The reason that leads to stress is different for different people. For someone, who is overloaded at work, might find his workplace a source of stress. On the other hand, someone, who is finding it difficult to reach a particular goal, might feel stressed due to his or her inability to meet the objective at hand. After all, it cannot be denied that stress and anxiety are two sides of the same coin.

All said and done, even if you find thousands of triggers that lead to anxiety, always remember there are millions of grounds that would persuade you from falling prey to this trap.

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