A Game Changer – Lord Rama

A Game Changer – Lord Rama
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Ram, Head of the administration services for Ayodhya, is looking across the mirror from his office window at the aspirants lined up for interview. The interview commences. 

A Game Changer – Lord Rama
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Aspirant 1 enters the room. 

Ram (shows the chair to sit down): what’s your name?

Aspirant 1: Bharat. 

In the process of Q&A, Ram is very much impressed by Bharat. Ram wishes to ask Bharat the question that’s imposed to him by his interviewer 10 years ago. 

In interview 10 years ago

Interviewer: Ram, what do you think that brings tremendous changes in the world?

Ram: A Question that is asked at right time by the right person to another right person. 

Interviewer: Can you give me an example??

Ram: the question that Rishi Valmiki asked to Narada Muni paved the way to Ramayana.

Valmiki Rishi: Respected muneendra, Is there a person in the present world who is virtuous, righteous, grateful, always a speaker of truth, determined to do good, who is interested in welfare of all beings and uniquely pleasant to look at???

Narada Muni:

There is a person in Ishqvaku Clan, who people call Rama, who has all the 16 qualities, i.e., self-controlled, grateful, always speaker of truth, always intends to do good always, so kind and coming to looks, built is such that everybody just keeps on looking at that innocent face, talent is such that if he starts shooting with bow and arrow even the enemies praise the mastery of his archery.   

It is this introduction that Narada Muni gave to Rishi Valmiki about Lord Rama that made Rishi write Ramayana. 

Ram asks bharat the same question. 

Ram: What is it that brings tremendous changes in the world?

Bharat: Ideas and innovations. 

Ram smiles and continues the interview.  

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