Living in the present: Why it is so important?

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Living in the Present

Most of the times we live in our past, thinking about the regrets, the missed chances, while continuously worrying about the future. We hardly live in the present and enjoy the small moments in life.

In current times, especially when the world is under lockdown due to coronavirus pandemic, it’s extremely important to live in the present. But we hardly do that.

We think about the life before lockdown when we could socialize, go anywhere, meet anyone, and go with life seamlessly. We also worry ourselves to death, thinking what the future holds for us amid this lockdown. We worry about job security, whether we would be able keep our jobs in the future in these uncertain times.

But living in the past and worrying about the future in the present will only give you more misery. Hence, it is extremely vital to block all thoughts about the past and future and start living in the present.

How can you live in the present in such times?

Take it one day at a time

Just focus on today, concentrate on your job at hand and leave the rest. Regretting about the past and worrying about the future would not help you give your 100 per cent at the job. Hence, focus on giving your all at your work. Take the lockdown period as just any other phase in life.

Look forward to

Do not look forward to last day of lockdown as an end to all worries. Instead, look forward to each day by doing something new every day such as a new hobby or a video call with family. Set a specific date and time in a day that you will do such things.

Keep yourself busy

Apart from work, inculcate a few hobbies as part of your lifestyle. You can read books, play indoor games with family, attend awareness sessions online, or make art and craft work.

Do meditation and yoga

Yoga and meditation is the best way to keep yourself calm and enjoy the present. This will help calm your mind of anxiety and stress and help you enjoy the present.

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